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HealthAndLifestyle.co.nz is a specialist fitness page for those who are interested in getting into health and fitness, or have already been doing so. We post regular content, providing you with the best information on how you can live a healthy and happy lifestyle. We do this through a number of tips and tricks that we have learnt ourselves, as well as advice from professionals already working in the industry.


Within this website you will find an abundent amount of blogs and articles on how to stay healthy.


It’s all about lifestyle and change for the better. Please see inside handy life hacks


Keeping fit is not easy however you’ll find a few articles that will help.


Handy tips from some great personal trainers

What’s happening out there?

In recent years, the market for health and fitness has grown at an exponential rate, with people all around the globe posting about how they conduct their own exercise programmes and diets. Whilst this is fantastic, it is often difficult to find where to start. It can be daunting with so many people providing the ‘best’ information out there, much of which may be hard to follow.

what do we offer?

On our website, you will find content posted by those who have decades of experience within the industry. They will be posting about the tips and tricks they have found useful over the years, as well as the tips and tricks you should avoid when you are first starting off.

we believe

We believe that getting into health and fitness is a great way to change your life, with an abundance of physical and mental benefits. Not only will you look better by working out and exercising, but you will feel it too. Over time your confidence will improve and you’ll begin to feel stronger in yourself. Join us today and find out how we can help you on your fitness journey!

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